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Tcl/Tk for EDA

Every user of EDA tools and hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog needs to know about Tcl!

A good working knowledge of Tcl can help you gain greater productivity in using EDA tools for FPGA and ASIC design, but many Tcl courses and textbooks focus on using Tcl for general-purpose computing applications. At Doulos we understand the needs of EDA users, and our courses and example materials concentrate on those needs.

  • Tcl/Tk Tutorial
    Start here if you are unfamiliar with Tcl and Tcl/Tk  
  • Training
    Details of Tcl and Tcl/Tk training courses from Doulos
  • Examples
    Examples, case studies and downloads to kick-start your Tcl expertise
  • Xilinx® ISE™
    Using Tcl to implement an HDL design in a Xilinx FPGA